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Ateina metas tobulėti ir čia jums noriu pristatyti savo ilgai gludintą kūrinį, Lietuviškąsias žaidimo kortas. Tai keletą metų pieštų kortų rinkinys, kurios papuoš jūsų žaidimus ir padės kurti intriguojančią eigą.

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Lithuanian playing cards is a set of cards made for divination and playing. It has 13 drawings with people from Lithuania's history, who lived from medieval to the industrial times.
The making of "LPC" (Lithuanian Playing Cards) starts back from 2021 when i began to draw them, but the time when i have started to gather all information how to draw them starts way back to the 2016-2019 year.
While I was learning from divination books and astrology, the decision to make playing cards and write a book on this topic was made.  Tarot cards were my favorites for 10 years but last 7 years i was studying more playing cards and astrology. Strong spiritual bondage with my native origins could be seen in royal cards. Even all the persons you will find on the cards were very well known Lithuanian people,  "LPC" set of cards will suit for every card player or reader in the world because of versatile combination of color, style and depth. 
First i have analyzed the meanings of every card and put them into my own book. Then a drawing process took a place for a few years and finally cards are here to fulfill your divinatory and playing purposes.
It is an artistic poker playing card deck because divinatory and playing cards were my passion for many years and i have read tens of books on this topic, it helped to make them slowly, with lots of testing, to bring the most comfortable experience.
Every set of cards has originally designed features:
  • Royal cards could be used as reversed cards
  • Every royal card has hidden astrological symbol
  • While using cards you can expect a vintage feeling coming from the design and at the same time very artistic and modern. 
Four colored suits: spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds.
  • Every card has it's own personal coloring style.
  • The purpose of this project is to make playing card games more fun and exciting, or divination more deep.
  • By backing this project you get not only the cards but even more perks. Please read below to get more info about perks.
"On a doomsday in the trenches, they will play the cards, when the doomsday will come they ask, and deal the cards..."
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The set of cards contains 52 cards from Ace to King, two jokers and one thank you card:
  • I hope you will love this project as well
  • Lets deal some cards to know them better
What about culture, community, society and others ...
In the cards you will find some symbols that were used by Baltic culture, characters are mainly from medieval and industrial - modern times. Inspired by the past, history and magic, cards were created in such a manner, to give a tribute to the ancestors and make a better connection with them while dealing the cards. In other words to gather more power in divination and tabletop games.
  • All the cards is trying to support your knowledge in every way they can.
  • This project is a first launch of a trilogy "Cards", "Book", "Game".
  • You are investing into creative innovations. These cards will give you and improvement in your section.
  • Based on Baltic symbolism, a reminder of our ancient culture and very old language origins.
  • All the numbering taken from poker card experiences, count from Ace to King, four suits hearts, spades, crosses and diamonds, two jokers and one additional thank you card.
  • Every court card has a hidden astrological symbol only from one  side, so courts can play reversed meanings for divinatory purposes.

Perks and other addons during campaing!

  • Lets get into bonuses after successful campaign completion.

    If 25K reach - tin foil the back
    if 30k reached - dealer token will be added.
    If 35K reached everyone gets free one bag for the cards.
    On 40K reach - deck cutting card

Thank you for getting involved to every backer of this project!

If you are interested in divination or card games in social surrounding, back this project and help spread the news to make it successful.

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Cards will is to colorize your perspective understanding of what is what and what is not what you think, see or hear that is what. To see through a "fog, mist", that is hidden behind cards.

Any other means to support are welcome, just look around and find your way of staying in tuned.

"LPC" Lithuanian playing card project is based on knowledge from card reading books, experience in design and culture, thank you predecessors, who have brought visual sketches and various book authors who spread the knowledge.